Hotel rental

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Full management of the hotel in all areas of activity. The funds are credited to the account of the Management Company. The owner receives a regular rent.
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The rental amount is calculated individually for each object, as a lot of factors can affect its value.
What are the reasons for renting hotels?

  • This is the original business model.
  • It's not interesting or the interest has disappeared.
  • They can't do it themselves.
  • The hotel was built with defects interfering with operational activities.
  • A competitor opened nearby.

Terms of cooperation

  1. We conclude a lease agreement for at least 4 years.
  2. We have the right to terminate the lease agreement unilaterally after the first year of operation.
  3. In the first year, the landlord receives 70% of the rental amount, we invest 30% in the hotel (all changes become the property of the landlord). In the second year, this ratio becomes 90/10. Further, the ratio is 95/5 throughout the entire lease agreement.
  4. The rental rate can change in both directions in accordance with the consumer price index.

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Russian Seasons

Russian Seasons

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