The amount of rent is calculated individually for each object, since so many factors can affect its value. What are the reasons for the surrender of accommodation to rent?

  1. Is the original business model.
  2. Not interested or lost interest.
  3. They themselves can not.
  4. The hotel is built with defects preventing from operating activities.
  5. Opened up nearby competitor.

  • We conclude the lease contract of a minimum of 4 years.
  • We have the right to terminate the lease unilaterally after the first year of operation.
  • In the first year the landlord receives 70% of the rental amount, 30% we invest in the hotel (all changes become the property of landlord). In the second year this ratio is 90/10. Further, the ratio of 95/5 during the lease.
  • Rental rate may change in both directions in accordance with the consumer price index.

Operational management of the hotel

The initial payment (prior to the signing of a management agreement) is 200 thousand rubles. Next month 2% of gross revenue (GP) + 4% gross operating profit (GOP), but not less than 200 thousand rubles per month (the total amount). Or 12% of operating profit (GOP), but not less than 200 thousand rubles per month.

The stages started and the list of operator functions for the operational management of the hotel:

  • Visit "Secret guest"
  • Audit of financial performance, staffing, purchase prices, sales of the hotel and its technical condition
  • Create report with list of recommendations
  • The implementation of all recommendations hotel operator
  • The signing of a management agreement
  • The creation of operating budget and business plan
  • The introduction of the operating standards of the hotel Group Russian Seasons and trainings
  • Create your own Internet page on the operator's website, connect to sales channels and loyalty program
  • Implementation of management reporting according to USALI standards
  • Tax optimization (if possible)
  • Cost optimization
  • The creation and implementation of sales and marketing
  • The creation and implementation of quality control system


The initial payment of 350 thousand rubles + 3% of gross income.

Also, later paid visits by "mystery guests", every six months, at the rate of 20 thousand roubles for 2-night stay + flights.

  • Buying a franchise, you get:
    • The right use of the brand Russian Seasons
    • Own page on the corporate website of the Group of Russian Seasons
    • A block booking of rooms
    • A complete collection of operating standards and procedures
    • Initial training of employees
    • Connecting to our loyalty program
    • Constant assistance
    • Professional advice on sales, marketing and promotion
    • Audit of the hotel every six months
    • Assistance in sales and promotion
  • We provide a franchise as designed or to new hotels and hotels functioning in compliance with certain brand standards;
  • We have collected the operating standards of the leading global hotel brands such as Hyatt, Radisson, Hilton and Marriott. Chose them all the best and advanced. Adapted them to our legislation, capacity and other features of our country without losing service and quality;
  • Your own website will cost you from 60 thousand rubles, while the page on our website + block booking will cost 30 thousand rubles;
  • To answer your questions will be one of the leading experts in the field, consultation of which to third parties cost tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles.


  1. The evaluation space of development in terms of a better use
  2. The Creation Of The Feasibility Study:
    1. Conducting Marketing research
    2. The development of the Concept of the object
    3. Create financial models
  3. Selection and coordination of architect and designer
  4. Preparation and coordination of the project:
    1. Interiors and architecture
    2. The master plan
    3. Project documentation
  5. Supervision of construction
  6. Welcome contractors
  7. Creation of specifications for furniture, equipment and facilities. Tenders
  8. Preparations for the launch and official opening


  • You don't like an existing brand?
  • The company that manages Your property earns more than You?
  • The company that manages Your hotel receives a guaranteed percentage with the total revenue, while You bear the losses?
  • The company that manages Your property brings very little profit, while the rating of Your hotel is steadily declining, and the property is in disrepair?
  • You want to raise the level of the hotel?

If You answered YES to even one question, then bring Your financial statements and see if we can bring You more income!