Results of May of the Russian Seasons Hotel Group

The established June heat (we are by no means talking about the temperature of the air outside throughout Russia) only by the middle of the month made it possible to sum up the results of May in a comfortable mode for all hotels belonging to the Russian Seasons Group of Hotels.

As a result:
  • Nevsky Boutique Hotel - 43.99% utilization, ADR 6 495.52, RevPAR 2 857.27;
  • Kizhi Boutique Hotel - 57.53% utilization, ADR 9 077, RevPAR 5 221.77;
  • Boutique Hotel Lermontov - loading 54.84%, ADR 7 541.08, RevPAR 4 135.43;
  • Peresvet Resort - 58% load, ADR 7,036, RevPAR 4,061.

Maximum load during the May holidays and a slight lull in the second half of the month. A lot of corporate clients in all hotels, big events for regular and first-time partners, and a lot of new services for individual guests - May 2021 was remembered for this.