Hotel management

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Comprehensive hotel management in the main areas of activity: sales, marketing, service, catering, staff. The funds are credited to the owner's account. The management company receives remuneration depending on the results of its activities.
Start cooperation

The initial payment (before signing the management agreement) is 200 thousand rubles. Then monthly 2% of gross income (GP) + 4% of gross operating profit (GOP), but not less than 200 thousand rubles per month (total amount). Or 12% of the operating profit (GOP), but not less than 200 thousand rubles per month.

The stages of getting started and the list of the operator's functions for the operational management of the hotel:

  • Visit of the "Secret Guest"
  • Audit of financial indicators, staffing, purchase prices, sales of the hotel and its technical condition
  • Creating a report with a list of recommendations
  • The hotel fulfills all the recommendations of the operator
  • Signing of the management agreement
  • Creating an operational budget and business plan
  • Implementation of the operational standards of the Russian Seasons Hotel Group and conducting trainings
  • Creating your own web page on the operator's website, connecting to sales channels and loyalty program
  • Implementation of management reporting according to USALI standards
  • Tax optimization (if possible)
  • Cost optimization
  • Creation and implementation of a sales and marketing system
  • Creation and implementation of a quality control system

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